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Video Website Review with SEO Expert, Ross Dunn

Hi, my name is Ross Dunn. I am the owner/CEO of StepForth and I have been practicing SEO and web marketing since 1997. I live and breathe SEO and web marketing and I want to share my knowledge with you in as affordable and effective way as possible.

This appointment is between you and myself. My goal here is to provide you with valuable insights you can take away and apply to your website to increase sales/conversions through greater search engine visibility. All-in-all, I want you to leave this process knowing you have received exponential value for the price you paid.

How it Works:
We will both connect to a private online conference (via Join.Me - I will send the details) where for 45 minutes you will see my screen while I review your site. I will be using my online and in-house tools to conduct the review which you will be able to see. We can talk normally during this time so you can feel free to ask questions and ask for more detail on particular findings from the review; all that we say will be recorded on the video (which you can watch again at any time later) so you can focus on learning instead of taking notes.

Once the 45 min video is complete you will receive an email with a private Vimeo link to the final video to rewatch/download at your leisure.

The 20 Min Follow Up Q&A:
After you have had time to absorb the findings (up to 30 days later) you can book a 20 minute follow-up phone call where we can discuss any questions that may have surfaced.

Important: Once you purchase this package you have one 1 year to utilize it before it expires at which point there are no refunds.